Drythane Thrills Builders!

Drythane has received several lac square-feet orders from builders in NOIDA extension. The companies were mostly using an highly elastic, soft Polyurethane waterproofing from a Swiss multinational corporation. The products could be easily peeled off from the surface showing poor adhesion. Being weak films, they could also be easily damaged during construction activities. Therefore, the customers were quite unhappy with the results.

Drythane presented a totally new concept – an extremely tough and durable – liquid applied membrane which strongly bonds to the surface. We initially demonstrated the product on a test patch and carried out on-site testing. In one case, the customer even tried strongly hitting the coating with a wooden pole in an attempt to damage it, but gave up after considerable effort.

Finally, Drythane @ 1.50 mm Thickness over 0.20 mm PIV Primer was selected by the companies. The coating was then applied on roofs, gardens, podiums, swimming pools, water storage tanks etc. and All coated areas have been tested by ponding with absolutely zero defects.

Drythane is revolutionizing the waterproofing industry.