Tech Specs

Drythane is a 100% Solids, two component polyurethane coating system that contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC) or solvents. It has been specifically formulated as a seamless, tough waterproofing membrane. It comprises of three liquid applied, fused layers:-

PIV Primer

A 100% Solids damp tolerant, two component polyurethane primer with excellent adhesion to damp and dry concrete. It penetrates and reinforces concrete surface, seals and prevents out-gassing and pin-holing, and reacts with moisture present in the concrete.

Main Coat

A 100% Solids two component polyurethane coating membrane with outstanding resistance to water (including continuous immersion) and mechanical toughness. The product will span new cracks in the concrete and bonds so strongly to the surface that pulling off will break the concrete surface. It resists degradation from sunlight, provides a long service life, and does not require reinforcement.

Optional Reflective Coat

A 100% Solids two component aliphatic Polyurethane Coating which provides a color fast, reflective top coat. It will provide lower surface temperatures inside the building and potential energy savings.

All the three products are environment friendly with zero solvent or odor during application. They are non-toxic and suitable for water immersion. Since they have no solvent, wet film thickness equals dry film thickness and half the quantity of product (as compared to our competitors) is required for the same thickness. Very fast curing product can be used / water immersed in 24 hours. Final product can be left uncovered and unprotected without risk of damaged from normal use. Screed / Tile etc covering is optional only for aesthetics purposes.

Performance Comparison

Property Test Standard Result – Drythane Result – Competitor
Solid Content (%) ASTM D 2697 100% 55-60%
Solvent Content (%) ASTM D 2697 0% 40-45%
Adhesion To Concrete ASTM D 4541 > 300 Psi (2.0 N/mm2) 65 Psi (0.45 N/mm2)
Tensile Strength ASTM D 412 2,908 Psi (20 N/mm2) 14.50 Psi (0.10 N/mm2)
Elongation @ Break ASTM D 412 > 50% > 500%
Hardness (Shore D) ASTM D 2240 64.2 08
Water Absorption ASTM D 570
(Para 7.4 Long Term Immersion)
0.59% > 5%
Chemical Resistance ASTM D 570
(30 Day Weight Gain)
10% H2SO4 = 0.26%
30% NaOH = 0.62%
Diesel = 10.8%
Sample Destroyed
Sample Destroyed
Sample Destroyed
Water Vapour Transmission ASTM E 96 1.85 gms/M2/day (Average)
0.86 gms/M2/day (Best)
> 5 gms/M2/Day
Flexibility ASTM D 522 1.50 mm film passes 12 mm mandrel 1.50 mm film passes 12 mm mandrel
Abrasion Resistance
CS-17, 1000gm, 1000 cyl
ASTM D 4060 100 mgs (Weight Loss) Not tested but visibly very poor

Analysis of Competitor’s Product

Poor quality, weak film with very low hardness (12 Shore D) and mechanical toughness. It can be easily damaged in use, therefore requires covering with Geotextile/Concrete Screed/Sealant etc. thus incurring high cost. Since it has poor water resistance, therefore it cannot be used for roof gardens, stagnant areas or lining water tanks and swimming pools. Due to the low solids content, You will need double the volume of materials to get the same thickness as Drythane since 40-45% is simply solvent which will evaporate after application! It cannot be used for lining water storage tanks due to its toxicity and it emits harsh odor and toxic solvents during application. Additionally, it has excessively slow curing.