Our Product Line

Drythane is a 100% Solids, two component polyurethane coating system that contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC) or solvents. It has been specifically formulated as a seamless and tough waterproofing membrane. It comprises of the PIV Primer along with a choice (or combination) of three liquid-applied fused layers — Drythane Standard, Plus, and Aliphatic.

PIV Primer

A 100% Solids damp tolerant, two component polyurethane primer with excellent adhesion to damp and dry concrete. It penetrates and reinforces concrete surface, seals and prevents out-gassing and pin-holing, and reacts with moisture present in the concrete.

Drythane Standard

High performance, standard workhorse product. Tough, impermeable membrane totally unaffected by immersion in water. Elastic membrane with 2.50 mm crack spanning capacity.

Tensile — over 2500 Psi
Hardness — over 65 Shore D
Elongation — over 90%

Drythane Plus

Paint roller applied Polyurea Hybrid with very high elongation for cold climates, flexible and crack prone surfaces. Very high crack spanning of 10 mm.

Tensile Strength — over 2500 Psi
Hardness — over 50 Shore D
Elongation — over 350%

Drythane Aliphatic

Colour fast, decorative finishes. White colour for high solar reflective index and reduction in surface temperature of roofs.

Tensile Strength — over 2500 Psi
Hardness — over 60 Shore D
Elongation — over 85%

All the four products are environment friendly with zero solvent content or odor during application. They are non-toxic and suitable for water immersion. Since they have no solvent, wet film thickness equals dry film thickness and half the quantity of product (as compared to our competitors) is required for the same thickness. Very fast curing product can be used/water immersed in 24 hours. The final product can be left uncovered and unprotected without risk of damage from normal use. Screed or tile covering is optional only for aesthetics purposes.

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